Current Conjuring's

Intention + Action = Magic

Everything that we do has some layer of magic laced within it's structure.  

The root of how that magic grows is the intent, the action that follows is the spark. The result can come in many forms. It can be a guided nudge, unexpected opportunity, a kind word, hanging out with friends, making crystal grids, slinging tarot cards, taking your kids to the grocery store. There is much magic to be gleaned from the mundane. Even on days when you just don't feel like finding it, it's there, ready to be observed. Where you pour your intention, matters. 

Life isn't a glossy bed of silkie roses all the time. Sometimes the opportunity to feel fucking murky and bed down for the day with a bowl of popcorn, a bag of chocolate almonds and some shitty TV is just what my Soul needs. Sometimes I need to get out in nature and hike to the tip top of a mountain out of breath and barefoot to connect to my goddess self. Sometimes I need to be alone. Sometimes I need to be with my people. Life is a balancing act, but I assure you, there is magic in every structure, every regime, every single crevice of everyday life. It's not all positive, I by no means am saying "love is light" or  "find the fun in everything", cause fuck that toxic positivism bullshit. You cannot have light without dark, and I friends, dwell in the grey. Sometimes what is observed is uncomfortable, but whatever it stirs in you is meant to make you grow, and will deepen your experience. 

I would love to hear about your everyday experiences and how you observe the magic in the mundane. 

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Magical Layers

 We are so inspired to work with the  amazing offerings of Nature and are honoured to extend the life and magic through all the layers of  projects we have on the go at the moment. We will be showcasing all of the magic that is being created as we go. If you haven't subscribed yet to our email list, please feel free! We will be sending out email updates when new additions and blog posts are up!