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Slingin' Tarot & Oracle Cards

The depth of my love for Tarot is endless. Since I can remember, I've always had great respect for these 78 cards. I personally use Tarot to gain insight into my inner-world and love examining how that relates to my outer-world. The limitless potential that this form of Divination holds is awe-inspiring to me.  I have delved deep into myself and flexed my intuition to uncover deep truths within myself and will always hold gratitude for the ability to interpret and apply the knowledge I have been given. 

I have taken many courses to apply this wisdom, and feel deeply called to offer readings publicly. 

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If you feel called to receive a reading aligned to your energy click the button below to find out what kind of readings I have to offer.

Whimsical Heathen's Concoctions

Anointing Oils


Every blend is conjured using only high quality oils. Purchased ethically with the intent to blend into fragrant delights. Blended by me, for you. When they become available as single purchases, without an existing order we will update the shoppe. But for now, they are an added touch of Magic to orders, selected intuitively. Some may receive an oil, some may receive a Sacred Salt  mixture, or some a ritual, spell or tarot spread. 

Sacred Salts


Sacred Salt mixtures are for not just for the saltiest of Witches and Heathens. They are infused with energy aligned with the specific intent set forth during conjuring. Black salt is conjured with the intent to ward off negative influences and holds high energetic protection. Self Love mixtures are meant to soothe your soul through ritual baths. Then there are one offs like my Citrus Spark, with Cayenne, orange and cloves..which holds action taking energy and is meant to move and shift stagnant energy. 

Heathen Being Love


" Unbelievable insight and care that goes into every item! The craftsmanship is swoon-worthy!" 

" Love everything, want everything. You can feel the passion and intent in the pieces. Made with such care and respect. Would definitely recommend to anyone. "

" High quality work and amazing owners. I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed. "

Rune Magic Package


Amanda your Whimsical Heathen is a part of the Magical community of The Sisters Enchanted, the founders of The Sisters Enchanted, Sara & Anna have been such an integral part of my personal and Spiritual journey. To be able to offer their Rune Magic class with our Runes is surreal and we are so entirely thrilled to introduce you to this magical community of magical Beings and Makers. 

Conjuring & Concocting


Every single oil, salt, ritual, or spell is conjured with the highest alignment possible. My practice is evolving daily, some mixtures are in tune with the cycle of the Moon. Some are infused with a Deity, God, or Goddess energy. Some are astrologically infused, and some are all of the above! Everything you order, will have a detailed description of the metaphysical properties, common and not so common uses, and any lore that is attached to the items. 

Whimsical FAQs


 With every purchase, you will receive an offering from the Creatrix behind Heathen Moon.  Whether you receive an anointing oil or sacred salt mixture, be sure to patch test first to ensure the oils don't react negatively to your skin. Some Sacred Salt mixtures are not intended for use on your physical body, your Heathen Moon letter that arrives with your Magical Mail will tell you whether the mixture is meant to be used in the bath or on the body.