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Magic & -mancy


 What is -mancy?  

*Divination by specified means! 

We have many forms of -mancy and some not so common forms! Shelfo'mancy for instance is our favourite uncommon -mancy! Pallomancy (pendulums), Runes (Cleromancy), Wands (Rhabadomancy), take a look through our pages of magic and find the item for you! 

We also have a readings section where you can book a tarot reading with Amanda, your Whimsical Heathen! 



Our passion is to create magical items and gifts for you to use in your Spiritual practice, to enhance your connection to yourself, Spirit, the Universe, the gods, and everything in-between. 

We create hand-carved Rune sets for Rune casting divination, hand carved pocket God’s for your altar (and pockets), copper jewellery for your adornment and anything your Heathen heart could desire, we welcome collaborating, please send us a message if you feel we would be the right fit for conjuring a custom order for you. We specialize in Nordic magic and create each item using a variety of mediums. We love working with copper, and wood but never shy away from intuitively creating something that energetically speaks to you. Ryan hand crafts each item specific to your energy & intent. We harvest all our supplies naturally from Nature and our travels. 

Everything created is one of a kind and hand-crafted from our Heathen Hearts to yours. 

Uniquely, Magically yours.


When you order something or collaborate with Ryan to create something uniquely, magically yours, you will always receive added Magic & Whimsy in the form of a ritual, spell, tarot spread, anointing oil or sacred salt specifically designed for you created to enhance your workings with your new magical item(s), or to add a touch of whimsy and magic to your day to day life. 


We are still modifying and researching the best fit for mail service to get your magical mail out to you within a reasonable time, and price. For now, we have found that building the shipping into the price of our items is the best solution for all. All offerings, products and services include FREE SHIPPING. We have done this by modifying our packaging in a way that will allow us to ship for a more reasonable price, one of the modifications is that instead of receiving your letters in the boxes we ship in, we will be posting the letters separately. Honestly, some of the most amazing ah-ha moments are the most common sense solutions. In order to provide consistency across all platforms, our offerings, products and services are now in USD *more info in the FAQ section*. 

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We would love to see your lovely, Magical faces, please drop us a message to find out when you can come see our shoppe in person! 

Heathen Moon

Amanda: Whimsical Heathen & Creatrix 604 724-6150 & Ryan: Heathen Creator 604-997-1125